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About us

My name is Marcela, but everyone calls me Maca and I would like to write you a few sentences about myself and my journey to Doma Café.

Baking and making sweets is just great. Tell yourself, does anyone kill you for making them a sweet treat?

I have tried many things in my life and as a true Sagittarius I have always thrown myself into everything. Whether it was a moving company, a nail studio, or perhaps a reconstruction of the cabin. To top it all off, it's always been that way.

As I was "throwing myself into" everything, I received a proposal from my / then-incoming / husband if I did not want to run a shop with sweets and bakery products. The shop was part of the operation of the restaurant, so my husband and I started baking pastries for the store and the restaurant, and I started adding homemade recipes for sweets, cakes, and other goodies. Well let me tell you, I was not a morning bird and I am not and getting up at 3:00…

Probably just the desire to manage and prove everything helped me to get up. I secretly dreamed of a small café, one where you can feel good, calm and maybe even home. A café where cakes or desserts are made from the heart and sold with a smile. I monitored real estate servers and searched and searched. When the premises in Karlštejn appeared on the menu, I immediately fell in love with them.

Home Café.

Often people have their dreams hidden in their minds very deep, so deep that they are afraid to follow those dreams. I am very lucky to be fulfilling my SEN and I wish everyone else not to be afraid and to follow their dreams.


We will be happy to prepare tailor-made cakes for you. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday, you can choose with us.
We offer bunk, unbaked, fruity, salty, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook or call +420 776 880 841
Of course we will be happy to welcome you in person directly under the castle Karlštejn 102 26718 Karlštejn

In addition to cakes, he can prepare macaroons, brownies, handkerchiefs, cakes for you. Just a treat.


Celebration cakes

Tady jsme doma

Doma Café
Karlštejn 102
267 18 Karlštejn
So - Ne 10:00 - 17:00
In the season we're open during the week, depending on the weather ;-)
776 880 841
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